Less Waste. More Clean.

(Re)Use Technology

Many of the products we buy are 90% water, with only a small amount of active ingredients. Despite already having water in our homes, these products are packaged and shipped in disposable plastic bottles that are often used once and thrown away. This inefficiency in how products are sold and marketed to us not only waste money in manufacturing and shipping but creates billions of pounds of wasted plastic and energy for the environment.

ReUse Technology

The world has a plastic waste problem

The urgency to act on plastic pollution is now widely understood. Through the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, over 350 organizations have signed up to the vision of building a circular economy for plastics, explicitly acknowledging that we cannot simply recycle our way out of this issue, and that rethinking how we bring products to people without relying on disposable packaging is a crucial part of the solution.

Moving from single-use to reuse not only helps eliminate plastic waste and pollution but also, if done well, offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other negative externalities.

1 Makes 6

1 Pod Makes 6 Bottles

While other cleaners are 90% water, Clean Revolution offers a different solution. Each concentrate pod makes 6 bottles of wonderful cleaner by attaching to a reusable bottle you fill with water yourself. Our premium cleaner with concentrate pods means less waste, more clean and additional savings.

Just Add Water

Yes, it's really that simple. Just add water and make your own premium cleaner in the comfort of your own home!


Remove the safety seal from pod and twist it tightly to the base of the bottle


Push down on the pod to release concentrate to the fill line on the measuring cup


Slowly add water to the top of the bottle and you're ready to start cleaning

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